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Use these pages to the extent that works for you. Depending on your project you use the pages that are suitable for your project. Note that there are also some sub menus abd you need to use the changing sub menus in order to get all the info.

Computer version

As these pages is for your help when designing and/or ordering garments please note that this version is made for use on a computer and do not have a smartphone version.


Manufacturing Garment design Fabric Print, embroidery, etc Packing Use Next Arrow to go though all pages. Sub menus (changing) always at the bottom of the page.
In Swedish/ Svenska: Våra materialsidor -Är på engelska – för att det inte skall bli missförstånd etc -Använd de delar som fungerar för just ditt projekt -Navigera runt – obs undermenyerna i slutet av varje sida som ändras efter huvudmenyn.


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